The Gift of Psychic Abilities

with Carol Ann Liaros

During this retreat, you will learn about:

   7 Keys to Unlock Your Intuition.  These keys are designed to help you explore the development of your own intuition through personal experiences and practice. With over 50 years of experience in the psychic/spiritual world, Carol Ann has outlined the steps that will easily and safely guide you on your own path. It’s easy! And, it works!

Remove Viewing, Astral Projection, OOBES, Mind Travel. Visit other dimensions of reality and/or be able to check-in on your loved ones at a distance, with this fun-filled experience! When a blind 14-year-old from Project: Blind Awareness, with Carol Ann on the TV program, “That’s Incredible” demonstrated how easily and accurately anyone can experience this age-old technique, she reaffirmed we can all do it!

The Empathy Exercise. Edgar Cayce stated “Psychic is of the Soul”. For deeper understanding of others, we have been told to “walk a mile in someone else’s moccasins”. However, most of us have never been shown how to do this! The Empathy Exercise can connect you with another, gaining compassionate insights at a soul level.

Soul Healing. The power of touch and the vibrations of the spoken word have been known instinctively by many people. Research verifies what we have known – words and touch heal at deeper levels of our psyche and soul. Join with others for this powerful experience.       


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